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Iris Howley

Human-Computer Interaction + Artificial Intelligence + Education
Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Williams College - Office: TCL308


I am a computer scientist doing research at the overlap of human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, and the learning sciences. My focus is on enabling users to overcome obstacles to effective decision-making and participation through the design of technologies. At the moment, I am researching the design and deployment of interactive explainables for users of algorithmic systems in educational contexts with the support of an NSF grant. Currently, I am an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Williams College.

My research combines human-computer interaction methodologies with an awareness of education research theory. To inform the design of educational technology for learners and instructors I perform user studies to understand human behavior and learning processes in digital learning environments, develop technologies to empower users in their knowledge construction, and evaluate systems by analyzing human behavioral responses and learning with these new approaches.

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It's an exciting time to be a computer scientist, making it an exciting time to spread the wealth of approaches, applications, and problem domains of the field to the future generations of computer scientists. I am driven by a goal of inclusivity in the classroom which is reflected in my project-based learning and evidence-based teaching philosophy, more of which is described in my page on Guided Inquiry Learning Worksheets.