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Research Assistantships with Me

My research occurs at the intersection of human-computer interaction, artificial intellience, and education and I typically work with 2-3 Williams undergraduates on Explainable Artificial Intelligence Projects either during the semester or the summer. We have a lot of fun learning new tools like Javascript, brainstorming engaging tech projects, and then building stuff!

You can also check out other Williams CS Faculty research projects by either visiting their websites, or by attending our annual Faculty Research colloquium in early February.


If Explainable Artificial Intelligence Projects pique your interest, please email me so we can talk about possibilities. Prior to meeting with me, read my grant proposal overview, review past research students' projects, and go through this MIT Technology Review article on AI explainability. The best prepared students will have questions to ask about the prior work.

Research is open-ended, there's no set curriculum and sometimes we try to solve problems that can't be solved. Therefore, a "comfort" with failure (or at least, the ability to easily learn from failure and move on) is a very important trait of a researcher. This also helps with creativity which is super useful when building projects used by people.

Summer Research

Applications for Summer Research Assistantships for Williams CS are typically due early February. The form is available here. However, you must talk to me prior before submitting a form to work with me!

Summers at Williams are quite pleasant! The weather is nice, there's free tickets for students to attend the Williams Theater Festival, Farmer's Markets on Saturdays, and there's less stress as you won't be taking classes. Every Tuesday, the Williams Science Center has a pizza lunch accompanied by a talk from one of the science professors. During the week, you'll work ~40 hours, although, I typically only require that you be in the lab for a set 3 hours per day. We'll have a weekly scheduled meeting, and you can typically reach me by Slack as well.

Research During the School Year

I also advise research projects during the schoolyear on these same topics. These positions are either paid (fewer than 10hrs/wk), or can be pursued as an Independent Study course, we'll talk about your preference when we meet. A sample Independent Study syllabus for being a Research Assistant on this project is located here.

xAI research assistant recruitment flyer

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