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Teaching philosophy

Postdoctoral Teaching Certificate

In July 2017, I earned the Stanford Postdoc Teaching Certificate. This included 70 hours of teaching training, 5 hours teaching practice with 15 hours preparation, and a teaching portfolio.


e-Textiles Course Design

In 2017 I lead a workshop for 7th graders to make light-up wristbands using eTextiles concepts and components. In 2018, I'm expanding that 2-hour lesson plan into a month-long winter studies course for undergraduates.

Photo of Teaching as Research workshop

Pedagogy for Higher Education Instructors

I co-organized and lead a sampling of pedagogical workshops for higher education instructors. There's a lot of research on this topic, but getting the practical outcomes into the hands of practitioners is an important next step.


CIRTL Evidence-Based STEM Teaching Certifcates

In 2017 I participated in two massive open online courses offered by CIRTL: 'An Introduction to Evidence-Based Undergraduate STEM Teaching' and 'Advancing Learning Through Evidence-Based STEM Teaching'.

Prototyping user interfaces

Recitation Instructor for Programming Usable Interfaces: Prototyping

In 2013, I was the instructor for a weekly lab for Prototyping User Interfaces. I modified previous years' syllabi, lecture slides, and homework assignments to better meet the needs of my students. Concepts included debugging, algorithms, and data structures in programming as well as units on paper/PowerPoint/Balsamiq/POP/Adobe Flex prototyping.

Cultural Model illustration

Recitation Instructor for User-Centered Research and Evaluation (Lab)

In 2011 I was one of the lab instructors for the HCII's flagship course, User-Centered Research and Evaluation. I co-constructed lab lecture materials, small group activities, and grading rubrics with my fellow instructors during this lab course. I also received early course evaluations from students and an external review from my university's teaching center.

Sewing a lilypad arduino

Mentoring Through Textile Computing Workshops

Collaborating with a local organization for at risk middle school girls, we introduced a group of girls to the HCI iterative design process through a series of hands-on workshops using Lilypad Arduino and textile computing methods.

Accountable Talk Comic scene

Accountable Talk Lego Comic

Part of performing field experiments in real classrooms requires developing learning materials. I created and authored an engaging comic for 9th grade biology students to learn about Accountable Talk discussion moves for a field experiment.

Teacher icon

Research-based 'Big Ideas' for Teaching

At the start of my PhD, I participated in a psychology course entitled 'Educational Goals, Instruction, and Assessment' which was focused on research-based pedagogy methods. The Big Ideas project specifically required linking readings from the research to teaching.