Jupyter Notebooks#

Jupyter notebooks are a central tool for developing programs that manipulate and visualize data.  They are widely used for developing code and presenting results in the data science community.

All Jupyter notebooks we use in CSCI 104 will be hosted on our Jupyter Hub, https://jupyter.cs.williams.edu. You need no special computer equipment or software other than a web browser to complete your class work.

The Jupyter Hub lives in the Computer Science machine room, TBL 306. You can see it from the hallway if you ever pass that way. Just look for the computer with the red blinking light – that’s our server!. It has 40 processing cores and 386 GB of memory, which is plenty big to host the entire class. (The picture to the right is what the server looks like under the hood.)


The JupyterLab documentation covers the user interface in much more detail. The following pages should suffice for most of our needs.