CSCI 108

Artificial Intelligence: Image and Reality


Lecture notes will be made available approximately 24 hours before each class.
(9/5, 9/8)Introduction and a history of AI
(9/10)Introduction to robotics
(9/12)Introduction to Interactive C: motors and sensors
(9/15)Planning (updated on 9/16/08)
(9/19)More on Planning
(9/22)Path Planning and Configuration Space
(9/29)Informed Search
(10/6)Programming robots: Interactive C
(10/8)Robot architectures: the Behavioral Approach
(10/15)Programming robot behaviors in Interactive C
(10/17)More on programming robot behaviors in Interactive C
(10/20)Functions that return values: Braitenberg exercise
(10/22)Computer vision: smoothing and edge detection
(10/24)Mid-level vision
(10/31-11/5)Natural language processing
(11/7-10)Propositional Logic
(11/17)Introduction to Machine Learning
(11/19) Version Space
(11/21) Decision Tree Learning

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