Bill Jannen


Phone: x4509
Office: TCL 306
Office Hours: CS136: Mo 1-2pm; Fr 11-12pm
CS333: Th 4-5pm; Fr 4-5pm
and by appt.
Current Courses: CSCI 136: Data Structures
CSCI 333: Storage Systems
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Computer Science department course prerequisite graph.

Past Courses

  • (S19) CSCI 333: Storage Systems
  • (F18) CSCI 136: Data Structures & Advanced Programming
  • (F18) CSCI 237: Computer Organization
  • (S18) CSCI 136: Data Structures & Advanced Programming
  • (S18) CSCI 498: Game Analysis & Aesthetics
  • (F17) CSCI 136: Data Structures & Advanced Programming
  • (F17) CSCI 102: The Socio-Techno Web
  • (S17) CSCI 136: Data Structures & Advanced Programming
  • (W17) CSCI 11: Developing Your Developer's Toolbox
  • (F16) CSCI 135: Diving into the Deluge of Data

Research Interests

I am generally interested in file systems and storage. My research focuses on using modern data structures, in particular write-optimized dictionaries, to improve storage software.

I am a member of the BetrFS team. BetrFS is a Linux file system built using Bε-trees, an asymptotically optimal write-optimized dictionary.

As a member of the OSCAR lab at Stony Brook University (now UNC Chapel Hill), I worked for a while on the Graphene library operating system. I later moved to the BetrFS project, and have since focused my work in file systems and storage.

Prior to joining Stony Brook, I explored RNA secondary structure prediction in the Aalberts lab. RNA projects that I have worked on include: RNAbows, a visualization tool for viewing and comparing RNA secondary structures in thermal equilibrium; Bindigo, a tool to optimally BIND olIGOs to longer RNA targets; and Nestor, an RNA secondary structure prediction utility. Nestor is based on stochastically sampling and clustering individual structures with a new and intuitive distance measure. If you are interested in working on these or similar problems, please contact Prof. Aalberts or I.