CSCI 333

Storage Systems

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Instructor:Bill Jannen
Phone: x4509
Office: TCL 306
Office Hours: Tu 3-4pm; Th 10:30-11:30; Fr 10:30-11:30; and by appt.
Meetings: MoTh 2:35-3:50pm in Schow Library

Course Description

This course will examine topics in the design, implementation, and evaluation of storage systems. Topics include the memory hierarchy; ways that data is organized (both logically and physically); hardware characteristics and the ways that storage hardware influences storage software design; data structures and performance models; compression; consistency; recovery; and system measurement/evaluation. Readings will be taken from textbooks, conferences, and recent technical literature. An emphasis will be placed on identifying and evaluating design trade-offs.

Syllabus & Texts

The course syllabus can be found online.

There is one required text, which is available for free online:

I also strongly recommend a good C reference:

Additional readings, audio, and video will be posted to the course website.