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Stanford Postdoctoral Teaching Certificate

Stanford Postdoctoral Teaching Certificate photo


July 12, 2017 I completed the requirements for the Stanford Postdoc Teaching Certificate. This included 35 hours of core teaching training (including a 12-week CIRTL MOOC, postdoc pedagogy journal club meetings, and two-day Teaching Workshop from the Stanford Faculty Development Center), 35 hours elective teaching training (Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning workshops, more CIRTL MOOCs, IRACDA Scholars virtual lectures, and Scientific Management Series), 5 hours teaching practice with 15 hours preparation, and a teaching portfolio with teaching statement. For each pedgogical opportunity, I wrote a summary of the learning goals as well as 1-2 paragraphs of self-reflection.


Teaching Certificate Hours Log. This is a spreadsheet containing my personal tracking of hours spent in pedagogical training and teaching for the postdoc teaching certificate.

Teaching Statement. An overview of my teaching philosophy, pedagogical approach, and how it ties into other efforts described elsewhere.

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