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Java Structures
Second Edition
(click here for First Edition)
Duane A. Bailey, Williams College
ISBN 007 239 9090
(Software release 23-Aug-2002-13:16)


The Java Structures Master Resource Page

This page provides access to the latest versions of most resources associated with Duane Bailey's second edition of Java Structures, a classic text on data structures, written specifically for Java. The resources available at this site are may be freely distributed and used for non-commercial purposes, as long as the copyright information is attached. I encourage you to join tens of thousands of others in investigating this software.

Programmers, students, instructors will all be interested in these resources. Instructors may also find additional materials are available from McGraw-Hill.

Code Resources [from master]
=>Documentation of the structure package.
This documentation is generated from the source files using the Conditioned doclet under Version 1.3 of the JDK. (Under 1.4, alternative means are available.)
=>Source for the structure package. This is the code that is used within Java Structures. Each files are cross-reference in the text using the compass icon. It is here for reference or modification. Most users will include the JAR file (below) in their CLASSPATH.browsedownload
=>The library, in JAR format (bailey.jar).download
=>Examples using the structure package. Each example is cross-reference with the gear icon in Java Structures.browsedownload
=>Starter files for laboratories mentioned in Java Structures. In most cases, files may be downloaded by selecting pressing and holding the mouse button on the filename, and then selecting download link.browsedownload
=>Standard kit. This kit is a tar file of this web site, and may be expanded on a server for local access.download