These are downloadable versions of the worksheets that appear in the appendices of the book to aid in writing the design document and organizing the design process. See the related chapters for a discussion of how to use each worksheet or template.

These may be used freely and without attribution for teaching and internal application at companies and design groups. For other uses attribution (but not permission) is required. All worksheets are copyright Morgan McGuire 2007-2009.

Minigame (ch. 1)
Minigame Worksheet[Word | PDF]
Minigame WorksheetWith instructions[Word | PDF]
Minigame SuggestionsDesign warmup exercises[Web]
Overview / Proposal (ch. 4)
Industry WorksheetLines (for hand writing)[Word | PDF]
Industry WorksheetElectronic Form[Word]
Industry WorksheetNo lines (for typing)[PDF]
Academic/Hobbyist WorksheetNo marketing, adds summary[Word | PDF]
Technology Plan (ch. 6)
Technology Worksheet[Excel | PDF]
Budget (ch. 3, 5, 6)
Budget Worksheet[Excel | PDF]
Schedule (ch. 3, 5)
Schedule Templates[PowerPoint | PDF]