Here are some useful web resources on game development and the academic study of games. These are blogs and news sites worth checking on a regular basis, and low-cost game creation resources especially for students and hobbyists. These are specifically recommended (and frequently, used) by Morgan McGuire; they are not lists of arbitrary sites.

Graphics & Games μ-blog |

Game Designer Blogs

Coding Resources

Art Resources

Some places you can purchase inexpensive art and sound assets for prototyping and indie games:

Board Game Supplies

  • ArtsCow custom playing card printing
  • The Game Crafter custom board game printing and shipping
  • Ponoko custom production of anything that can be assembled from 2D plastic, wood, metal, etc. parts
  • EAI Education
  • Game Parts for large production runs of custom parts
  • A list of parts manufacturers for self-publishing

Game Engines

  • UDK Unreal Development Kit (free for non-commercial use)
  • Unity game engine (free for non-commercial use)
  • Sandbox Game Maker game engine (free)