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Grading and Assignments

In determining final grades, the following weighting will be used:

45%: Homework assignments.
20%: A take-home midterm.
30%: A take-home, 24-hour, cumulative final.
5%: Class participation.

You have a total of 4 late days at your disposal for homework assignments. You can use no more than 2 late days for any single assignment (if an assignment is due on Friday, turning it in by first thing Monday morning will be treated as two late days). In addition, I will drop the lowest homework score. It is my assumption that the completion of the readings and homeworks assigned in the course will require about 10 hours beyond class meeting times. If you find that the actual workload exceeds this estimate, please let me know.

Each homework question will be graded on a 5 point scale.

10: The solution is clear and correct.
9: The solution is clear but contains a few mistakes, but they are mostly arithmetic or of little significance to the overall argument.
8: The solution hits on the main points, but has at least one logical gap.
7: The solution is significantly unclear or contains several logical mistakes or major gaps, but parts of it are salvageable.
6: The solution is just plain wrong or so unclear it cannot be followed.
0: No attempt is made at solving the problem.

Homework should be written clearly and concisely. Rewrite your proofs if they do not flow well. You are required to use LaTeX (or other suitable software) to prepare your solutions. If your handwriting is particularly neat (unlike mine), and you find it burdensome to complete the assignments in this way, you may request an exception after the first two assignments are complete.

You are encouraged to discuss homework problems with other members of the class, but I expect you will not write up solutions together. Your understanding of the problems should be sufficient to enable you to write up the details of the solution by yourself (i.e, you should not be writing up your solutions while you are discussing the problems with others or depend on detailed notes from the discussion). Deviation is considered an honor code violation. Insightful discussion with others must be cited in your homework solution. You will not lose points for citations.

TopTopics and ReadingsGrading and Assignments