Computer Graphics Gallery 2007

Final Projects

These are images and videos of final projects produced by the undergraduate students from CS371: Computer Graphics from the Spring 2007 semester. Students worked for four weeks on self-chosen projects written in C++ using the G3D library. Many projects were previous SIGGRAPH papers that were not taught in class. Click on images to see videos and high-resolution images. The top four presentations, decided by audience vote, were awarded prizes.

Paintball - 1st Place
Mitch Brooks and Mark van Mechelen

Quake 3 (MD3) and Doom 3 (MD5) Characters
Jing Cao and Rhaad Rabbani

Tron 3D - 3rd Place
Owen Simpson and Kristof Redei

Pen and Ink Rendering
Myron Minn-Thu-Aye

3D Checkers
Kyle Campbell

The Ideal Spectator - 2nd Place
Eric Muller and Carlos Ramirez

Meshless Deformations
Bo Zhao

Image Based Visual Hulls - 4th Place
Greg Tobkin and Jeff Marsceill

Texture Mapping
Sean Hayes