Computer Graphics Gallery 2008

Final Projects

These are images and videos of final projects produced by the undergraduate students from CS371: Computer Graphics from the Fall 2008 semester. Students worked for four weeks on self-chosen projects written in C++ using the G3D library. Many projects were previous SIGGRAPH papers that were not taught in class. Click on images to see videos and high-resolution images.

Binary Racer
Aaron Schwartz and Kyle Whitson
  • Networked multiplayer
  • NPR binary shading in the style of Renaissance
  • Vehicle physics including skids and ballistics
Fluid Dynamics ("Shui")
Charles Cao and Kefei Lei
  • SPH fluid simulation
  • Distributed computation
  • Photon-mapped ray tracer
  • Implicit surface by marching cubes
Voice-Controlled Video Game
Sean Barker, William Jannen, Matthew Lea and Claire Zentgraf
  • Tactical real-time strategy game
  • Natural-language speech input
  • A* pathfinding
  • Real-time physics
3D Reconstruction from Video
Tyler Bonewell, Michael Gerbush and Alex Kramer
  • Optical flow
  • Video capture
  • Camera calibration
  • 3D scene reconstruction [Pollefeys and Koch 2004]
Comic-book Video Game
Macklin Chaffee and Daniel Fast
  • Network multiplayer
  • Cartoon NPR