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The first god to be born was not always the one to create the world. Often it was his or her children that decided to fill the world with life. The work the parent left undone was finished by the child.

According to the Greek creation myth the bird Nyx laid an egg, from which the god of love hatched. The halves of the shell then became the Earth and Sky. They brought numerous children into the world who eventually furnished their mother with plants, animals and physical features.

The children of the Iroquois Sky Woman created life on the land the animals had given her. Before Flint and Sapling were born she created the sun, moon and stars, but she left the Earth bare. After they grew to manhood they created wonders to fill the land and in the waters. It was a generation after the first god lived on Earth before Earth was completed.

The Japanese believed that in the beginning there was an ocean of mud. From this mud a green plant grew until it reached the clouds, where it was transformed into a god. Out of loneliness he started to create other gods. The last two beings he created were Izanagi and Izanami. They created the islands of Japan and filled them with life. It was also their children that became the sun and moon. They were not the first gods, but rather the last of the first god's creations.

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