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Gods Creating Suffering

According to some myths the suffering in the world today was the result of human folly. However, many myths site a god as being the reason the earth is not a paradise.

The Greeks believed that fire was a gift from the god Prometheus, who wanted them to have something to make them superior to animals. However, humans had to pay for the actions of Prometheus. In an effort to make life better for mankind he placed Zeus' wrath upon them and with this came suffering. Therefore, Prometheus was responsible for the troubles which still plague the Earth.

The Japanese gods Izanagi and Izanami had three children, one of whom was a troublemaker. This god they sentenced to the seas, so that he would not damage their islands. There his anger appeared in the form of tidal waves and storms, which still threaten the islands of Japan.

The Sky Woman of the Iroquois creation myth bore two twin boys, Sapling and Flint. One was kind and the other cruel. The hard-hearted god spent his time creating the hardships that stand in the way of humans. He constantly ruined his brother's work and created problems his twin was forced to fix. If Sapling had been an only child life would not have the hardships it now has.

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