Information on doing research in CS

This is a collection of links for information on how to do research in CS. Please send updates or comments to

  • How to do research at the MIT AI Lab.

  • How to Be a Good Graduate Student.

  • Graduate School in the Computer and Mathematical Sciences: A survival manual by Dianne Prost O'Leary.

  • John Launchbury, David Maier, and Andrew Black taught a course at OGI on scholarship skills. An interesting collection of lecture notes are attached to the page cited below. Unfortunately you won't be able to read them on the Suns until we get acrobat reader going again there. Meanwhile you can likely read them on your Mac if you have acrobat reader installed there. These seem to be strongest at literature search and writing skills, so consult these notes at the beginning of the project and the end.

  • Information for graduate students & those considering graduate study in Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering. This is itself a compilation of web pages.

  • Duane Bailey's letter on doing research.
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