Virtual Batman MANUAL

Instructions on how to use the Virtual Batman

The purpose of the Virtual Batman is to keep Batman in a mood acceptable to crime fighting.

Bat Pet Instructions | Bat Chat Instructions

The Bat Pet

The Bat Pet Table

The Bat Pet table contains all the basic buttons and information you need to care for Batman. The above image explains what each of the items do.

The left side of the Bat pet table

The right side of the Bat pet table

Bat Chat

The Bat Chat window

The Bat Chat tables allows you, the user, to communicate with Batman. Talking to Batman may or may not effect his mood.

To talk to Batman:

  1. Type what you wish to say to Batman in the text box below the words "Your response (lowercase only)".
    Please, only use lower case when talking to Batman, and it is recommended that you avoid using contractions (ex: won't, can't, don't, etc.) to get the most out of your conversation with the Virtual Batman.
  2. Click the "Talk to Batman" button when you are done typing what you wish to say to Batman.
  3. Batman's response will appear in the text box following the words that read "Batman says:".

The "Refresh" button will reload the entire Batman, Virtual Pet page.