The Mead Modeling System

Mead is a programmed graphical modeling system, currently available under educational license, for Mac OS/X computers. It is also available for PC's through a bootable Knoppix disk image.

If you're interested in this system for Mac OS/X, please download Mead main install package, Version 88, here. You should then install the various required packages, according to the instructions I have provided in that disk image. Depending on the type of system you have and the number of packages that must be installed, this could take an hour or two.

If you are looking for an update, you need only install the latest (the top file in this list):

  1. Mead-1.88.dmg (includes cows, targets V372 not 360, picture-in-picture mode)

The following distributions are for general unix systems:

  1. Mead-1.85.tar.gz also called Mead-freshest.tar.gz

Those interested in building a bootable Knoppix CD containing Mead, should download the MeadKnoppixV1.77.iso (672Mb). If you are working from a Mac, you may burn this to a CD by dragging the disk image into Disk Utility, and press Burn. The CD can be booted on any PC and boots into the Knoppix operating system.

For users of the CD version of mead, the command "freshen" typed in a terminal window will install the latest version of Mead on the running system. (This need only be typed once per session.)