CSCI 373: Artificial Intelligence

Honor Code Guidelines

Honor Code Guidelines

Williams College Honor Code Williams Computing Policies CS Honor Code and User Policy

Explanation of the Honor Code as it pertains to this course: The Honor Code as it applies to non-programming assignments is outlined in the Student Handbook.

Projects must contain only: code written solely by your group, code written by yourself or other CS 373 students this semester for previous assignments, and code from the starter for the assignment or from the starters for previous assignments. For the final project you may use external libraries with prior approval from me by e-mail. Code from previous assignments must be clearly credited where it is used and in a separate written note to me. It may be used only with permission of the students involved.

You are welcome to discuss design, debugging, and mathematics related to projects with other students, but you may not review the code of other students for any current assignment. Note that using previously submitted code and discussing projects is a more liberal policy than the default CS department policy for programming projects. Coursework in this class reflects your maturity and is modeled on professional research and development: we tackle hard problems, and do so together. In all cases, we acknowledge the contribution of others.

Recall that in accordance with the CS department policies, looking at any other computer user's files without permission is unacceptable, regardless of whether those files are protected on the file system.