CSCI 011

Assignment 2

Assignment 2: Introduction JavaScript (part 1)

For this assignment, you are to explore JavaScript and then add some modest additional functionality either to your "Black Goose Bistro" website or to your personally designed (Assignment 1) website. This is due at the beginning of class tomorrow, Jan 15.

Learning JavaScript

You really can't learn "all the basics of JavaScript" from a short tutorial. Instead, I suggest that you read through (and try some of the exercises in) the W3C JavaScript tutorial. Simply follow through the links on the left side of the page.

Your JavaScript Tasks

For this assignment, you are to add three types of functionality to either your own website or to the Black Goose Bistro website from last week's tutorial.

Add an "alert" in an appropriate place.
Modify a descriptive element in your page. For instance, have a "more" anchor that, when clicked, makes more descriptive information appear at the end of an existing paragraph.
Add a series of images that rotate in and out of a page, as demonstrated in class.

If you choose to do this as an addition to your Black Goose Bistro page, you might want to add a link from the homepage to another one, such as the "Menu" page I created for my simple example.