CSCI 108 Lab 1


This semester you will be building and programming small vehicular robots. The robots are controlled with the Handy Board, based on the Motorola 68HC11 microprocessor. Each robot will have at least two motors, as well as touch and light sensors. (Later in the semester we'll add sonar, etc.)

In this lab you will wire the motors, touch sensors, and light sensors, so that they may be plugged into the Handy Board. The lab has two parts. Part 1 will be a demonstration on soldering. In Part 2, you will do the soldering necessary to connect motors and sensors to the vehicular robot you will build this semester. You will test your work in next week's lab.

Please take notes during the demonstration. They will be useful not only today, but whenever your group needs to wire a new element or repair an existing one.


Each group must appropriately wire: Pages 39-41 of the Handy Board Technical Reference manual (available in the lab) summarize the steps demonstrated in Part 1 of this lab. For a quick summary of soldering techniques, please refer either to your notes from the demonstration or to the separate handout.

This lab must be completed by Monday, September 15 at 10:00 PM. Be sure to ask me to review your work by that time.