ICML-2001 Student Scholarship Program

The Eighteenth International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML-2001) announces its student scholarship program. The goals of this program are to integrate students in their research sub-community and to give them a forum to talk to leading researchers in the field about their Ph.D. research. Students participating in the program will be provided scholarships to subsidize travel, conference, and housing expenses for ICML-2001. Note that both US and international students are eligible for this program.

Student Poster Program

This year's conference will include evening poster sessions. Each paper presented during the daytime technical program will also be presented at a poster session. The student program will integrate student posters into the evening sessions. Each sponsored student will have a poster on their research. The poster format encourages the student participants to begin building a rapport with established researchers.

Students presenting papers at the conference will naturally present posters as part of the normal conference schedule. One of our goals, however, is to get as many students as possible involved in their research community as early as possible. To participate in this program, a student does NOT need to have an accepted paper at the conference. To apply, sudents submit a one-page abstract of their research, as described below.

Application Process

Students wishing to receive a conference travel scholarship are asked to send in an application with a one-page summary of their research, a vita and a letter of support from their thesis advisor. The application should also include a cover sheet giving the following information:

Selection will be made by the conference co-chairs and a subset of the program committee. Applications (plain text or postscript) should be sent, preferably by email, to:
Andrea Danyluk
Department of Computer Science
TCL, 47 Lab Campus Drive
Williams College
Williamstown, MA 01267


Important Dates

Scholarship applications due: March 26, 2001
Decisions mailed to applicants: April 9, 2001
Receipts due for reimbursement: August 15, 2001

Additional Information

If you have questions about this program, please contact Carla Brodley and Andrea Danyluk, the conference co-chairs, at icml2001@ecn.purdue.edu

* Support for this program has generously been provided by the National Science Foundation.