ICML-2001 Registration Form

First Name ____________________ Last Name _____________________________ M.I. ___
Institution _________________________________________________________________
Department _________________________________________________________________
Street Address _________________________________________________________________
City _______________________________ State/Province _______________________
Postal Code _________________________ Country ____________________________
Phone _______________________ FAX ____________________________
Email _______________________





Conference Registration
(before May 31)


Conference Registration
(after May 31)



Guest Fee for Reception (6/29,6/30,7/1)




T1: Support Vector Machines
T2: Knowledge Representation
T3: Text Classification

No fee — circle desired tutorial(s) to register.

Tutorials will be held sequentially.

T1 T2 T3


W1: Spatial and Temporal Data
W2: Reinforcement Learning

No fee — circle to register

W1 W2

Airport Shuttle


Albany to Williams College



Shuttle will be running approximately hourly:

June 27, 1:00 PM - 9:00 PM
June 28, noon - 9:00 PM

Please indicate date and approximate time of arrival: ______________________

Airport Shuttle


Williams College to Albany



Shuttle will be available July 2, 7:00 AM to noon

Please indicate approximate time of departure: ______________________


On-Campus Housing

Must register by May 31


4 nights (6/28-30 & 7/1)



5 nights (6/27-30 & 7/1)



Optional phone in room for 4-5 days



Optional clock radio for 4-5 days



Optional fan for 4-5 days


Please indicate date and approximate time of arrival: ______________________

Please note that check-out is by 10 AM on July 2.

* If you would like to share a dormitory room (at half the rate above), you may do so, but you must indicate the name of your roommate: __________________________________________



Please indicate if you will need a parking permit

No fee.

Yes No

Williamstown Theater Festival


Tickets for "One Mo’ Time" on June 28.


*limited availability



TOTAL ENCLOSED: _____________

Method of Payment (Circle one)

Please note that the preferred form of payment is by check.

MC Visa Amex Check (payable to Williams College and drawn on a US Bank)

Card Number _____________________________ Expiration Date ______________

Name on card ____________________________________________________________

Signature ____________________________________________________________

Please print this form and send it, with your payment, to ICML-2001 Registration:

By mail:

ATTN: Ms. Lorraine Robinson
Department of Computer Science
TCL, 47 Lab Campus Drive
Williams College
Williamstown, MA 01267 USA

By FAX: 413-597-4250

Registrations cancelled before May 31 will be charged a $20 cancellation fee. There will be no refunds after May 31.

On-site registration fees must be paid by check or cash. No credit cards will be accepted.