ICML-2001 Formatting Instructions and Templates

Detailed formatting instructions are available in

If you are formatting your paper using LaTeX, please use icml2001.sty as your style file and take as your role model the sample document format.tex, which also contains detailed formatting instructions. If you use the BibTeX facility, use instead the sample document bformat.tex and the associated file bformat.bib. You will also need the files mlapa.sty and mlapa.bst to format references. The postscript files format.ps and bformat.ps have been produced using these sources. If you use a recent version of Latex, it will run in Latex 2.09 compatibility mode, giving you warnings but still producing the correct format. If you rely on Latex2e packages, format.tex gives an example of that as well.

If you are formatting your paper using Microsoft Word, please use the file icml2001.doc as your template. When downloading this from a browser, make sure you press the right mouse button and use the `save as' option. This document includes detailed formatting instructions, which you should follow as closely as possible. Since the same Word file can look different on different machines, please make sure your formatted paper conforms to the postscript or pdf samples above.

For those using troff, we have included the file ml98.trf from ICML-98. You will need to modify this format so it conforms to the instructions for ICML-2001. If you are an expert troff user and can provide us with an updated troff format for ICML-2001, please send email to icml2001@ecn.purdue.edu.

There is a list of common problems found in papers submitted to ICML-2000. Please read it to be sure you avoid these pitfalls.