Computer Science

Williams College

Andrea Pohoreckyj Danyluk

Mary A. and William Wirt Warren Professor of Computer Science

Contact Information

Address: Department of Computer Science
47 Lab Campus Drive
Williams College
Williamstown, MA 01267

email:andrea "at" cs "dot" williams "dot" edu
phone: 413-597-2178
fax: 413-597-4250

Current Courses

I am on leave at Northeastern University for 2018-19.

Research Interests


        Selected talks and papers

        Characterizing the effects of systematic data error on inductive classifier learners

        AAAI-98 Workshop on Time Series Problems

        Some AI and Machine Learning Web Sites

I served as General Chair for the 26th International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML-2009). The conference was held at McGill University in Montreal. For more information, please see

I co-chaired the Eighteenth International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML-2001) with Carla Brodley from Purdue University. The conference was held at Williams College.


I'm a member of CRA-W (the Computing Research Association on the Status of Women in Computing Research), where I co-organize mentoring events for undergraduates interested in research and graduate school. I also serve on the CRA-W Steering Committee.

I was a co-director of CREU (Collaborative Research Experiences for Undergraduates) from 2009 to 2016.

CRA-W celebrated 25 years of mentoring! Check out this short video:

Computer Science Education

Java: an Eventful Approach
by Kim Bruce, Andrea Danyluk, and Tom Murtagh
has been published by Prentice Hall (now Pearson).
ACM/IEEE-CS Joint Task Force on Computer Science Curricula 2013 (CS2013).
Jointly sponsored by ACM and the IEEE-Computer Society, CS2013 was an effort to define curricular guidelines for undergraduate programs in Computer Science on an international level. I was a member of the CS2013 Steering Committee.

ACM/IEEE Computer Science 2013 Exemplar-Fest at SIGCSE-13

I am currently a member of the Liberal Arts Computer Science Consortium (LACS), as well as the ACM Education Council.

Selected papers on CS education and more.

Courses Taught

    CSCI 108  -  Artificial Intelligence: Image and Reality
    CSCI 134  -  Introduction to Computer Science
    CSCI 136  -  Data Structures and Advanced Programming
    CSCI 361  -  Theory of Computation
    CSCI 373  -  Artificial Intelligence
    CSCI 374T  -  Machine Learning
    CSCI 011  -  Introduction to Web Programming
    CSCI 014  -  Lego Robot Engineering
    CSCI 011  -  C, Unix, and the Joy of X
    COGS 222  -  Minds, Brains, and Intelligent Behavior: An Introduction to Cognitive Science
    COGS 493  -  Cognitive Science Senior Seminar