Questions Frequently Asked
How is the documentation generated?
Most Java Structure code makes use of pre- and post-conditions.  To make these available through javadoc, the following command is used:
javadoc  -tag pre:cm:"Precondition:" -tag post:cm:"Postcondition:" structure structure5
What’s the log about?
President Garfield, an alum of the Williams class of 1956, felt “The ideal college is Mark Hopkins at one end of a log and a student at the other” (see below).  Mark Hopkins was an alum of the class of 1825, became a tutor, joined the faculty, and was eventually president of Williams.  My purpose in writing Java Structures is to help provide the log.  The actual log shown below is found on Sunrise Ridge, below Mount Rainier.
Can I just download this entire website, for local use?
Yes!  The entire site is found here.
Where can I find the pages for the previous edition of Java Structures?
The pages that support the second edition of Java Structures are found here.  Needless to say, you should consider using the newer, free edition!